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Cheetah Experimental Platform extensions

Contact me to get access to the github repository with our extensions to CEP including experimental tasks such as cognitive tests (OSPAN, RSPAN, CSPAN, LS, FD, NFS) and interactive tutorials (SPMM).


ProM LogMerge package

Included plug-ins

ProM SimpleLogOperations package

Included plug-ins

ProM PPM package

Included plug-ins

Overview of the PPM plugins
The PPM plugins can be used in next combinations.
Overview of PPM plugins

How to install these packages?
  • Download the package LogMerge - SimpleLogOperations - PPM
  • Drop the.jar file in the .Prom/packages folder of your ProM installation
  • Add the package to .ProM/packages.xml: copy next lines into the file
<package name="PPM" version="1.0" os="all" url="http://www.janclaes.info/downloads/PPM.zip" desc="Process of Process Modeling" org="Ghent University" auto="false" hasPlugins="true" license="LGPL" author="J. Claes" maintainer="J. Claes" logo="http://www.janclaes.info/img/site/ugentlogo300.jpg">