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New topics

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Ongoing topics

  • How to assess the sustainability of investment opportunities?, Duc-Huy Nguyen (2023)
  • The expansion of GowithYamo to the Benelux, Felix Magnus (2023)
  • Adoption of security tokens as finance channel for companies in Barcelona, Quinten Vyncke (2023)
  • How to use nudging techniques in a business context?, Thomas Denutte (2023)

Completed topics

  • What issues arise when Flemish parents with children until the age of 18 work from home during the COVID-19 Pandemic?, Minerva Ablay, Michelle Cheng, Sarah Cottriau, Nerine Couckhuyt, Gilles Termont (2022) - Publication: pdf - BEST BAP IOM Award
  • Working from home - A closer look at how covid-19 changed the work life for employees and students in Flanders, Belgium, Qamar Abdi Ali, Mohamed Abihi, Michiel Buyens, Marthe De Corte, Tessa Maertens, Carolijn Pas (2022) - Publication: pdf - BEST BAP IBM Award
  • Drebbel - Fintech matchmaking platform, Axel Cremer, Pauline Lang, Michèle Leclercq, Amber Merreel, Louis Vercammen (2021)
  • David Lloyd - The impact of Brexit on David Lloyd's operations, Eleonora Foerster (2021)
  • FIT Seoul - Why is South Korea a market leader in batteries?, Grâce Kayombya (2021)
  • De artiesten - The impact of shorter deadlines on event management practices, Lara Vanden Boer (2021)
  • Stabilit Europa - A market study about Fiberglass reinforced Polyester, to apply in Truck bodies and Recreational vehicles, Jelle Degraeve (2020)
  • LYNX - Online beleggen, Jordi Baeyens, Lotte Branckaert, Loïc Peters, Stijn Vermeulen (2020)
  • Mobile Journey - The aim of this project is to investigate the viability of a multi-branded tank/navigation application in the Netherlands and to gain insight into its market positioning and marketing, Justin Debaveye (2020)
  • HouseMe - The future op proptech: how can fully automated rental platforms complement with real estate developers?, Loïc Van Mechelen (2020)
  • Bol.com - About the effectiveness of the mailings of Bol.com, Yana Beirnaert (2020)
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