Merge two Event Logs using a rule based algorithm

Merge event logs

The Merge two Event Logs using a rule based algorithm plugin can be used to merge two event logs into one event log. First, you will have to configure the merging rule which will be used to determine which traces of both event logs belong to the same process execution. A merging rule has the form "Merge all traces where attribute <attribute> <attribute container> in log 1 <operator> attribute <attribute> <attribute conainer> in log 2"";. For example: Merge all traces where attribute Concept:Name of the trace in log 1 equals attribute Reference Number of the event Pay invoice in log 2.

  • In the top panel of the screen the currently selected merging rules are shown. Use the buttons on the right to (i) move the rule up, (ii) move the rule down, (iii) togle editing, (iv) delete the rule.
  • In the middle panel of the screen a list of suggested rules is presented. Only rules with the equals operator are displayed. The rules are sorted by their assumed accuracy for merging both event logs.
  • In the bottom panel of the screen, a user can configure any rule manually. Don't forget to press the Use button to put the rule in the selected rules list.

In the second screen of the plug-in, the user can configure how the event logs should be merged. Select if unlinked traces from log 1 or log 2 should be added to the result (compare with inner, left, right, outer join in databases), and select which of the event logs to use as basis for the merge. If event log 1 is selected as basis for the merge: (i) then the resulting trace from merging a trace from log 1 with a trace from log 2 will get the attriutes of the trace from log 1, (ii) if a trace from log 1 is linked to multiple traces of log 2, the events of all traces will be merged together in only one new trace, (iii) if multiple traces form log 1 are linked to the same trace in log 2, the new log will contain a trace for each of the traces in log 1 with each of them containing an individual copy of all the events of the trace in log 2.

This plugin is released as a part of the LogMerge package which is included in ProM 6.1 or which can be downloaded here.
Merge event logs - screenshot1 Merge event logs - screenshot2 Merge event logs - screenshot3

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