An overview of process model quality literature - The Comprehensive Process Model Quality Framework

Philipe De Meyer, Jan Claes
arXiv:1808.07930 (working paper), 2018 pdf


Abstract. The rising interest in the construction and the quality of (business) process models resulted in an abundancy of emerged research studies and different findings about process model quality. The lack of overview and the lack of consensus hinder the development of the research field. The research objective is to collect, analyse, structure, and integrate the existing knowledge in a comprehensive framework that strives to find a balance between completeness and relevance without hindering the overview. The Systematic Literature Review methodology was applied to collect the relevant studies. Because several studies exist that each partially addresses this research objective, the review was performed at a tertiary level. Based on a critical analysis of the collected papers, a comprehensive, but structured overview of the state of the art in the field was composed. The existing academic knowledge about process model quality was carefully integrated and structured into the Comprehensive Process Model Quality Framework (CPMQF). The framework summarizes 39 quality dimensions, 21 quality metrics, 28 quality (sub)drivers, 44 (sub)driver metrics, 64 realization initiatives and 15 concrete process model purposes related to 4 types of organizational benefits, as well as the relations between all of these. This overview is thus considered to form a valuable instrument for both researchers and practitioners that are concerned about process model quality. The framework is the first to address the concept of process model quality in such a comprehensive way.

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